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Hi, It’s Jhaymee.

Jhaymee TynanThere are times in your life when you are called to a greater purpose. After nearly two decades working in Corporate America, I learned one core lesson – if you want to succeed, lift while you climb. My career has been less of a ladder and more like a lattice with a variety of experienced that culminated in a unique, non-traditional path. Yet, the common theme was that I had coaches, mentors, and sponsors that have guided me and advocated for me on my behalf.

This is why I am using my political capital and influence to help women of color advance their careers. In February 2020, I published my commitment to sponsor 100 women of color in healthcare by 2030. I named this initiative 100×2030. It is truly an inspirational movement to encourage leaders, executives, and corporations to embrace sponsorship as foundational to organizational culture.

I believe it is my fundamental responsibility as an executive to advocate for the advancement of women of color in healthcare to eliminate health disparities and improve the quality of care for all.

As a thought leader on healthcare strategy, inclusive leadership, and gender equity, I write articles and blog posts, and speak on podcasts and at conferences across the country to convene conversations about the intersectionality of gender, race, and healthcare. I have contributed to Forbes, Ellevate Network, and HealthLeaders Media to share my perspective on what executives and organizations can do to be the change they want to see.

My platform is designed to connect with you – leaders who share the values of diversity, inclusion, and gender equity. I want to share stories of sponsorship and success so that we can learn from each other and climb together. I hope that my work will inspire you to change the narrative and embrace inclusivity in your organization.

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Jhaymee Tynan

My Thoughts on People and Strategy

People-powered transformation is the strategic approach that healthcare organizations should employ to be agile, bold, and future-focused. Your people are the most treasured asset to succeeding through change and taking monumental leaps in evolving how care is delivered to your patients. To do so, we must fully embrace diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging to improve the quality of care, take better risks, and make stronger, data-driven decisions.

Executives must continue to sponsor minority leaders and provide greater access to C-suite roles that can amplify and disrupt how we think about healthcare delivery. It’s not a pipeline issue. It’s a sponsorship issue.

"As keynote speaker, Jhaymee Tynan fully embodied what it meant to be a female leader. She spoke with confidence and passion about how women can be the CEOs of our own careers. The audience was transfixed as she shared her personal journey in leadership and highlighted that career development is an ongoing process that requires our active nurturing."

Dr, Arianne Rodriguez, Chicago Women in STEM

"We extend our highest regard to our speaker from last night’s event, Jhaymee Tynan, whom we cannot thank enough for the incredible insight and engaging discussion. During the LeadHERship webinar, we discussed the importance of taking charge of one’s personal and professional wellbeing - leaving attendees with a number of key takeaways. Jhaymee also highlighted her tremendous efforts towards sponsorship of other women, which truly encompasses the qualities of strong leadership."

Tyshawn Toney, NAHSE Delaware Chapter

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