Almost one year ago, I made a bold commitment. I wanted to see more women of color leading healthcare organizations across the globe. I believe that solving healthcare’s greatest challenges with health equity there needs to be greater representation of diverse voices at the senior and C-Suite levels at providers, payers, pharmaceutical, life sciences – as well as non-traditional healthcare companies. As an executive, I felt that I have a fundamental responsibility to lift as I climb. This requires courageous, intentional advocacy of rising Black, Indigenous, Women of Color (BIWOC) that are doing amazing work in our field and need support to get the visibility and recognition they deserved. So I took action. I committed to sponsoring 100 women of color in healthcare by 2030. I called this initiative 100×2030™.

This week, the next phase of 100×2030™ begins. I am proud to announce a strategic partnership between 100×2030™, The Carol Emmott Foundation, and The Equity Collaborative, to scale sponsorship for women of color in healthcare. This partnership will create a platform for best practice sharing to learn from executives and organizations that are at the forefront of sponsorship. It will encourage member organizations of The Carol Emmott Foundation and The Equity Collaborative to make their commitments of sponsorship. Together, we aim to impact the careers of more than 10,000 women to move the needle with diverse representation in healthcare leadership.

The Carol Emmott Foundation is well known for its vision to leading the way to fully inclusive gender equity in health. Its signature program, The Carol Emmott Fellowship, provides a unique opportunity for exceptional women leaders in health to accelerate their careers through national visibility of women in health. Fellowship participants complete a 14 month program with hand selected mentors and a nationwide network of senior executive leaders in the field. The Equity Collaborative is an active, self-driven learning community of large, leading healthcare organizations committed to fully inclusive gender equity across the healthcare industry. By partnering with these two leading organizations, 100×2030™ will be able to reach more women of color and have a greater impact on a national and global level.

This partnership would not be possible without the collaboration of Anne McCune, Chief Executive Officer of The Carol Emmott Foundation and Gayle Capozzalo, Executive Director of The Equity Collaborative. Anne and Gayle believed in my vision from Day 1, and together we will work with healthcare organizations to advance diversity and inclusion with intent and purpose.

If you are interested in joining 100×2030™ and make your commitment to sponsor women of color, please contact me on my website at No commitment is too big or too small to make an impact.

Increasing diversity in leadership is not a pipeline issue. It’s a sponsorship issue.

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