100×2030 is an initiative that inspires inclusive leadership in healthcare with a specific focus on moving the needle by sponsoring 100 women of color within the next decade. 100×2030 is more than a personal and professional commitment. It is a career movement designed to amplify the careers of women of color in healthcare through active sponsorship and advocacy. We share one core belief to increase diversity at the senior-most levels of healthcare organizations across the globe. It is not a pipeline issue. It is a sponsorship issue.


Women Sponsorship

Women Sponsored

Sponsoring women of color, and specifically Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) women, can improve leadership decision-making by ensuring underrepresented voices are at the table. My commitment tracks the women I have sponsored based on taking specific actions (nominations, appointments, promotions, etc.) to create higher visibility and awareness of their knowledge, skills, and abilities. As the initiative grows, I will include women sponsored from commitments made by other individuals and organizations.


Sponsorship Actions

Sponsorship Actions

No action is too small or too great to sponsor women of color. Check out my blog post called “Send the Elevator Down – 10 Ways to Sponsor Women of Color” or my infographic to understand the actions you can take regardless of your career level to become a sponsor.


Stories that Matter

Stories of Sponsorship

Storytelling is a powerful way to connect us, as we continue our career growth and development. As women of color are sponsored, I will be sharing these stories in blogs, articles, and video on the impact of sponsorship. These Stories of Sponsorship (S.O.S.) will help with research about how to improve diversity and inclusion at organizations across the globe.


Commitments Made

Commitments Made

I want to amplify the individuals and corporations who are committed to sponsoring women of color and are willing to make their commitment public. Those commitments will be tracked to inspire a culture of sponsorship and create a community of leaders who share the same value of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Check out my infographic on “The 5Cs of a Great Sponsor” to understand how you can show up for women of color in sponsorship.

Looking to Partner

If you are ready to stand and be counted as part of the 100×2030 initiative, please contact Jhaymee Tynan, Creator and Founder of 100×2030 or email hello@jhaymeetynan.com.


What is the 100×2030 initiative?

The 100×2030 Initiative is a career movement that inspires a culture of paying it forward to increase diversity at the highest levels of healthcare organizations across the globe. It was originally launched as a public commitment that I made to sponsor 100 women of color in healthcare by 2030. To read more about the catalyst behind 100×2030, please read my Forbes article “Why I’m Sponsoring 100 Women in Healthcare by 2030”.

Why did you launch the 100×2030 initiative?

While progress has been made globally to increase diversity within healthcare leadership, opportunities continue to exist for the advancement of women of color. In a 2018 study by the American Hospital Association’s Institute for Diversity, only 14% of hospital board members and 9% of CEOs are minorities. Similarly, McKinsey and the Leanin.org’s 2019 Women in the Workplace study found that black women and women with disabilities face more barriers to advancement, get less support from managers, and receive less sponsorship than other groups of women. The statistics around gender parity for women of color are also alarming. According to the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, black and Hispanic women will not receive full pay equity compared to white men until 2130 and 2222 respectively at the current pace. Given these challenges, incremental improvements in diversity through traditional means of coaching, mentoring, and development programs may not be enough to take the bold leaps required to increase percentages of diversity in leadership. Research from the Center for Talent Innovation indicates that professionals of color with a sponsor were 57% less likely to have plans to quit their job within a year in comparison to professionals of color without a sponsor. Sponsorship becomes the vehicle to drive better inclusivity, greater retention, and workplace satisfaction for women of color at all levels within healthcare.

What are the goals of the 100×2030 initiative?

The key goals of the initiative are:

  • 10,000 Women of Color Sponsored: To have the greatest impact, we want to positively impact the careers for at least 10,000 women of color in healthcare by 2030. This requires 100 pledges by individuals and organizations who are willing to hold themselves accountable and sponsor women for promotions to the Manager level or above and fix the broken rung.
  • 10,000 Stories of Sponsorship (S.O.S) Shared: Not only do we want more active sponsorship, but we want more conversation about the importance of sponsorship to flood the healthcare industry. Openly talking about our successes and sharing S.O.S.’s will result in greater resources committed to creating sponsorship cultures at organizations across all sectors of healthcare.
  • Increased Best Practices and Thought Leadership on Sponsorship: We want to equip women of color with the language and the tools to actively seek sponsorship as a foundational part of their career development. Likewise, We want healthcare executives, leaders, and organizations to embrace sponsorship as a core approach to elevating women of color to leadership.
Who participates in the 100×2030 initiative?

The 100×2030 initiative is for:

  • For individual professionals, it is a direct approach to paying it forward and making a measurable impact across all sectors of healthcare. You will use your power, influence, and political capital to advance the careers of women of color.
  • For corporations, 100×2030 allows you to play an active role in changing the perceptions of the leadership pipeline – to demystify assumptions around the challenges of advancing women of color in Corporate America. Your voice in the industry through contributions of articles and thought leadership on sponsorship demonstrates your commitment to diversity.
If I want to make a commitment, what do I do?

Please contact Jhaymee Tynan, Creator and Founder of 100×2030 or email hello@jhaymeetynan.com. She will discuss the commitment you want to make and include your commitment on her website and in future articles and publications with your permission. No commitment is too big or too small to be considered. The collective power of sponsorship enables maximum impact to the careers of women of color in healthcare.

Is 100×2030 only for healthcare? Can other industries participate?

Absolutely! While this initiative was initially conceived to amplify the careers of women of color in healthcare, the same challenges exist in other industries. If you are interested in bringing 100×2030 to your industry, send an email to hello@jhaymeetynan.com to discuss.

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